Join Us for Worship
Skier’s Service on Saturdays at 4:30pm
Sunday Service at 9:30am
in the Sanctuary

Office Hours
10:00am – 2:00pm
Wednesdays by appointment
Office is closed on Fridays.

Scripture Readings


February 18, 2018
1st Sunday in Lent
Scripture: Genesis 9:8-17 / Mark 1:9-15
Sermon: God’s Continuing Promise: A Sign
Have you ever been promised something but wanted a guarantee? We will explore God’s guarantee.

February 25, 2018
Second Sunday in Lent
Genesis 8:18 - 9:17; Mark 8:31-38
Sermon: God's Continuing Promise: A New People
Have you ever really wanted to believe someone but what they were saying was just too incredible? Come on Sunday, 2/25 and hear about a great beginning that seemed impossible.

March 4, 2018
Third Sunday in Lent
Scripture: Exodus 20:1-17; John 2:13-22
Sermon: God’s Continuing Promise: Our Response to God. Have you ever noticed that some people always expect something in return for a promise they make? Come and find out what God expected of Moses and the Israelites … and us.

March 11, 2018
Fourth Sunday in Lent
Numbers 21:4-9; John 3:14-21
Sermon: God’s Continuing Promises: Faith in God’s Healing. When someone you do not trust makes a promise, do you expect them to follow through? We will focus on the trust the Israelites had in God.

Let us know your special days so that we may celebrate with you.

Worship Liturgist
Are you comfortable reading in public? Will you consider being a liturgist for our worship service on Sunday mornings? Sign up during Fellowship Hour after the service.

Fellowship Host
Every Sunday we have light refreshments after the service. Would you be willing to provide some finger foods or sweets? Nothing elaborate is necessary. All will be greatly appreciated. Sign up during Fellowship Hour after the service.

Want to get our E-Newlsetter?
Give the church office your email address. It’s that simple.

Have A Favorite Hymn?
Contact the church office to program your favorite hymn in a service. Hymns need to be found in the red United Methodist Hymnal or the black In Faith We Sing hymnal.

Large print hymnals are available and located by the sanctuary doors.


A Church for the World

The Aspen Community Church’s outreach and work in Kenya is now in its eighth year – an amazing effort in partnership with other churches and Rotary International – currently providing clean water to thousands of students and teachers at more than 40 schools. Read about Kenya PEAK.



A Church for the Community

A gathering place for musicians to rehearse and perform, groups to meet, yoga, AA and NA meetings and a place for those needing to find support. See our calendar of events.

Contact the Church and Rev. Mike Nickerson at 970.925.1571



A Church Rich with History

The Aspen Community Church building was built in 1890 and has been the home of a Presbyterian congregation, then a federated congregation in the 20’s and became a Methodist congregation in the 30’s.  It has served many generations of people in Aspen.

Recognizing the outstanding acoustics of the sanctuary, John Denver and the Dickens Carolers recorded their Christmas album here. For so many Aspen families, the Community Church has been a special place to worship, celebrate and grow in faith. Read about our history.

Welcome to Aspen Community Church

A Progressive
United Methodist Congregation
with a commitment to community and
outreach, a love of music, learning,
and worship.

Daily Encouragement During Lent Thru Texts

The Mountain Sky Area is trying new things this Lent open to everyone to connect in new ways. One is daily text reminders right to your phone. All you have to do is text Lent2018 to 797979 to sign up. The aim is to give everyone encouraging daily reminders of God’s love and our call to share that love. We hope you take advantage of this experiment. It’s just a SMS Text Message, so you don’t even need a smart phone. Any phone with text capabilities will work.

You can read more about it HERE.


Skier's Service

We have started a Skier’s Service on Saturdays. They will be every Saturday at 4:30pm. The format will be an informal and somewhat abbreviated Sunday morning service of about 45 minutes. Come and give it a try and then hit the slopes on Sunday morning!

Organ Addition:

Through a generous donation, there will be one new rank of pipes installed in our organ. We only need an additional $700 to add a second new rank of pipes, making Aspen Community Church’s organ the largest organ on the Western Slope. If you would like to contribute to the organ expansion, please contact the church office at or call 970-925-1571. Many thanks!

In the Community

St. Mary Catholic Church continues to worship at Aspen Community Church while their church is being renovated through mid-March. Services are Saturdays at 5:30pm and Sundays at 7:30am and 11am. We are excited to be providing hospitality during their transition!