Partnering in Education and Aid for Kenya (PEAK)

The Aspen Community Church has had an ongoing commitment to an outreach program dedicated to impacting and improving the lives of the people of Kenya since 2008. Now in our tenth year, our efforts have helped provide clean water to thousands of students and teachers at close to 100 schools. Additional projects have included three school libraries, school feeding programs, high school and college scholarships, computer labs, latrines, books and school supplies, and more – all accomplished in collaboration with our inspiring Kenya partners, including schools, churches, villages, and individuals.

To help accomplish our many goals with these efforts, PEAK was co-founded in 2009, expanding the work to include partnerships with other organizations throughout Colorado and beyond. Throughmore than ten team trips to Kenya, valuable friendships and relationships have been forged, which has helped us keep the momentum going, even when we are not able to be in Kenya.

Clean water, so critical to life and health, has also led, not only to improved health conditions, but also to improved education. School surveys have shown that student attendance has greatly improved, and the standardized test scores of many classes have also risen.

Our Kenya Fund at the ACC is supported by individual donations from ACC members, community members, and other fundraising efforts. We welcome your support for our church’s work across the world, which is making such a life-changing difference for so many! You can find more information and make a donation on the church’s website by clicking here. Or contact Debbie Welden, at We will greatly appreciate your support!

Debbie Welden with the Women of Unity Village in Samburu

Children at Kuuru Primary School who benefit from the clean water program

The library built at Thuura Secondary School 2012

Thuura Secondary School students helping build the library in 2012

Refurbished pre-school and mural at Kithoca Primary School in 2012

Debbie and Bo Welden with women of Unity Village in 2014

Bo Welden greeting students at Gachua Primary School in 2014

Pastor Mike and Bishop William

Liz Means and Gary Kreutzer with HIV/AIDS support group in 2012



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As our partnership with the people of Kenya continues to grow, so has the impact on their lives and ours. Relationships created through joint efforts on our many projects have become deeper, more meaningful, and more precious.
Future projects continue to be planned, both in the Meru area and in the women’s villages of Umoja and Unity in Samburu. Please consider a donation to our fund to ensure our important work in Kenya – and thank you.


January 2016 team


November 2010 clean water system project.


Dedication ceremonies at Rwanyange and Kithoca Primary Schools September 2011.


2012 team


2013 clean water projects.


January 2015 Rwanyange Primary School
library project.