Partnering in Education and Aid for Kenya (PEAK)

Aspen Community Church’s Kenya outreach, now in its 14th year, has helped provide clean water systems to thousands of students and teachers at more than 100 schools – in Meru, Nkubu, and Nakuru, and in three women’s villages in Samburu. Other projects have included school libraries, high school and college scholarships, computer labs, latrines, emergency aid, and more, all accomplished in collaboration with our inspiring Kenya partners.

Through annual team trips to Kenya, valuable friendships and partnerships have enabled us to continue our many efforts. Clean water, so critical to life and health, has led to better quality health conditions. High school and college scholarships and upgraded school facilities have helped increase educational opportunities for young people.

Most recently, we committed to helping to build a new primary school in a rural community near the town of Meru, and were thrilled to open the two pre-school classes of Deborah Fountains School in January, 2020. Since then, the school has grown to include a 1st grade classroom in 2021, with the 2nd grade classroom to open in 2022. The growing surrounding community is so grateful to have a close-by, safe school for their children!

Although our annual team trips to Kenya have been paused due to Covid, our projects are very much alive and well. Donations to the Kenya fund will enable us to continue our efforts there, and are very much appreciated.

You can learn more by contacting Debbie Welden, at Grateful thanks!

Donate to PEAK

Individual donations to the Kenya fund are the lifeblood for the work we do. More than 96% of funds received comes from individual donors. We have seen great progress with completed projects over the years, but the needs are ongoing. Your donation to the Kenya fund will help ensure our important work in Kenya continues. Thank you for your consideration!

Deborah Fountains School - our new primary school near Meru, Kenya